#MilesForMasks Campaign

Welcome to the Just1Mile Project campaign Miles for Masks! The concept behind this campaign is simple. Sign up to run at least 1 mile and earn a mask for a heathcare provider.  We are looking to utilize the power of running community behind this campaign.  This is a virtual run, intended to bring us all together while doing our part to help support healthcare providers and workers on the frontline combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The goal for this campaign is to purchase 5000 masks for these healthcare and essential workers.

100% of the proceeds of this event will be donated to purchase masks for healthcare workers.  We are still working through the rest of details of digital finisher medals etc. but we wanted to start the event sooner than later so that our impact of our efforts can be felt.

Mask for Miles Goal (5000 Masks)


  1.  Join the challenge!  Share the Mile for Mask campaign with friends.
  2. Starting the day you register go out and complete your committed miles!
  3. SHARE!  We need all the help we can get for this campaign.  Make a sign, take a selfie, show healthcare workers that the running community is doing their part to make a difference and that we are appreciative of their dedication.
  4. Remember to share your mission by tagging @just1mileproject and #Mile4Masks
  5. Head over to our Facebook Page and give us a like!

If you are an organization and is in need of PPE  (masks, face shield, or gowns) please feel free to reach out.  Through our supply chain we are able to help you secure these items.  We will put you in direct contact with them.  No profit is expected.  You can email us at contact@just1mileproject.org


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